Write Through Death

A Writing Experience

Dealing with death is a universal experience. Sooner or later we all must process the deaths of our parents, our loved ones, and ourselves. We also face death disguised as life changes — divorce, shifting friendships, moving, career changes, and so much more.

Week 1: Death and Loss, discovering why some losses are hardest

Week 2: What do we wish for ourselves?

Week 3: Examining who in our lives we need to learn more about their wishes

Week 4: Change as Mini deaths

Week 5: What happens after?

Each week together, we use the power of writing as our creativity, dissection and discovery tool.

“Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.”
— Ayn Rand

All are welcome! This is an experience for the masses, not just polished writers. We all experience life as a story, and anyone can write about it.

Please email to inquire about upcoming events

What are participants saying about Write Through Death?

“I am so happy I took the workshop.  When I signed up, I didn’t know why, what was my interest? I just followed my intuition…What I forgot to mention in the evaluation is…How much I learned about myself and how enlightening to make new discoveries and give thought to the unavoidable.”

“The format would be a wonderful framework for me as an ongoing process.”

“I liked the topics and how I sometimes felt there was nothing inside to write about but Shelly very gently pulled it out of me, maybe because I felt very save and Shelly is so real.”

“I like the assortment of prompts and the freedom to take them or leave them.”

“Shelly was warm and easy to engage with and honest. I also appreciated the feedback, weekly check ins and encouragement.”